Anyone who’s lived in Southeast Asia for some time knows how hot and humid the weather is here, making it mandatory for most indoor spaces to have an air conditioner. However, with air conditioners, come soaring electricity bills. What’s more, the adverse effect traditional air conditioners have on the environment can certainly not be ignored. The perfect solution to mitigate high costs and conserve the environment without compromising on comfort lies in using solar air conditioners. These air conditioners run on DC power from solar panels during the day. At night or when there isn’t enough sunlight, the air conditioning system switches to AC (the grid). Solar air conditioning systems operate without inverters, batteries or controllers. They come with the following components –

  • ACDC Hybrid Solar A/C Indoor Unit
  • ACDC Hybrid Solar A/C Outdoor Unit
  • Remote control
  • Solar Panels
  • Air Switch
  • Fuse Protection
  • Lightning Arrester

What are the Advantages of Using a Solar Powered Air Conditioner?

Considering the high upfront costs that come with installing a solar-powered air conditioner, one tends to wonder if it’s really worth it. Here are four key benefits of using a solar air conditioner that will help you decide for yourself.

1. Reduces Electricity Bills

According to a recent study from Singapore’s National Environment Agency, air conditioning accounts for up to 40% of an average household’s electricity bill. Now, that’s a lot. Imagine how much you’ll save if you’re able to cut down on that amount? With solar power air conditioners, that’s possible. So, don’t fret about the high installation costs. Look at them as a practical long-term investment because these air conditioners run on solar energy which decreases the dependency on electricity and helps you save on monthly electricity bills.

2. Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Another major benefit is the positive impact these air conditioners have on the environment. It’s a well-known fact that solar energy is the cleanest form of energy which means it’s entirely free from carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases. Hence, when you install this system, it hugely decreases the emission of greenhouse gases, reduces carbon footprint and helps protect the environment. Apart from this, solar air conditioners are categorized as environment-friendly technology because they don’t require much raw material to function. All they need to produce energy are the solar panels which are ecofriendly and available in abundance.

3. Easy to Maintain

While it’s advisable to get professional experts to install the solar air conditioning system, the good news is that once installed, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Just make sure you clean the AC unit and solar panels regularly and keep them free from dust. They don’t require intensive cleaning but it’s always good to keep a check on them and ensure they’re in their best working condition.

4. Self-Contained Systems

Solar air conditioners are entirely self-contained which means they don’t depend on a power utility company. So, regardless of the space, location or external conditions of the building, when you use a solar-powered air conditioner, any external discrepancy or outage will not affect the cooling in the building.

Can a Solar Panel Run an Air Conditioner?

To think that solar panels can run an air conditioner almost sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. The output of these panels depends on a number of factors ranging from the surface area of the panels, the direction they face and the material they’re made of. More the surface area, the more sunlight it absorbs and the more electricity it produces. With Enovatek Energy’s solar-powered air conditioning system, during the day, the ACDC AC gets most of its power from solar energy. This results in efficiency above SEER 35 while using two 300 W panels. The unit is equipped to be connected to up to eight 300 W panels.

How Does a Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Work?

Hybrid solar air conditioners are the next generation solar air conditioners. Our patented technology is able to draw power from the solar panels and directly power the air conditioner system.  Enovatek Energy also offers the 100% Off Grid Solar DC Air Conditioner for residential spaces in Singapore. Using a combination of solar power and battery storage, this system uses no electricity and reduces operating costs by up to 100% during the day and night.

Why Enovatek Would be the Right Solution Partner for Solar Air Conditioner in Singapore?

Being a one-stop solution for energy-efficient technology, we at Enovatek deliver solutions to ensure our customers are achieving the highest possible level of energy-savings. From financing and installing to operating and maintaining a tier-1 Solar PV system on your building’s rooftop – we manage the entire process at no upfront cost. All you have to do is pay for the solar power used by your property. Considering a solar air conditioner for your commercial or residential space? Write to us today and let us help you with your energy-saving needs.

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