Solar air conditioner panels in the Philippines

As one of the most beautiful and exotic places to live, Thailand only has one major downfall; the extreme heat and humidity. Thankfully, solar-powered air conditioners provide an easy solution to this problem. Homeowners in Thailand understand that to have a comfortable indoor environment, one has to invest in a reliable air conditioner. You need a solar air conditioner that’s custom-designed to suit your home or place of business.

When you work with Enovatek energy solution company, our team of experts will visit your home or office to conduct a full appraisal to determine the kind of system you need. We calculate your peak electricity usage and use this data to create for you a system with sufficient solar panels.

An air conditioner that relies on solar power guarantees that you’ll always have a comfortable indoor environment even during electric power outages. Not to mention the money you save on utility bills by not relying on tariff plans. Technological advancements have made the development of reliable, yet affordable solar-air conditioners possible.

Besides, since Thailand’s climate is hot all year round, you have access to enough solar energy to keep your solar-powered air conditioner running. Enovatek’s solar-powered air conditioning system is among the leading brands in the Thailand market that guarantees you value for money.

Solar Powered Air Conditioner Thailand

It’s no secret that the cost of electricity in Thailand is high. Most homeowners and business owners are always on the lookout for cheaper power solutions. This, together with the necessity to install an air conditioning system, means the only reasonable way out is to find a cost-effective means to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Solar-powered air conditioners fit this description because they don’t depend on electricity to keep your home or office comfortable. They’re also an environmentally-friendly energy solution because they tap into a natural renewable resource. Thailand enjoys sunlight all year round, so with a reliable air conditioner, you should be able to harness enough solar energy to keep your system running.

A solar-powered air conditioner usually runs on DC power that installed solar panels harness from the sun during the day. The system then automatically switches to the grid during night time. This seamless operation saves you money on tariff plans and ensures your home or office is always comfortable.

A complete Enovatek solar-powered air conditioner system should consist of;

  • Solar Panels
  • ACDC Hybrid A/C Indoor Unit
  • ACDC Hybrid A/C Outdoor Unit
  • Air Switch
  • Remote control
  • Fuse Protection
  • Lightning Arrester

Solar Cell air Conditioner

Solar air conditioning systems usually rely on photovoltaic cells installed on roofs to absorb solar energy and convert it to DC. This means they run on electric power, but in this case, the source of electricity is the solar panels and not the grid. However, when the stored energy from the sun runs out, a sunlight-powered AC will seamlessly shift to using electricity from the grid.

Sunlight availability determines how effective your solar panels will be. The solar panel’s installation should thus be designed to capture as much sunlight as possible.

Workers setting up solar panels in the Philippines

The variables to consider for proper installation include the surface area of the panels, weather conditions, orientation, and placement. With all these considered, your system should convert 15-22% of the sun’s energy into electricity.

The performance of your photovoltaic panel is a measure of how much sunlight it converts to actual electricity that can power your solar-air system. Photovoltaic panel providers are required to test their products under extreme conditions before they allow them into the market. This way, consumers are guaranteed of high-performance photovoltaic panels that can withstand all weather conditions.

You should strive to purchase your photovoltaic systems from well-reputed brands as they ensure all their systems meet the highest standards.

Solar air conditioning graph Philippines

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Before venturing into photovoltaic panels, you first need to establish your objective for installing a sun-powered AC. This will help you select a unit with the right number of s panels. Here are factors to consider when deciding on the number of s panels you need;

  • The power needs for your household or place of business
  • The space available on your roof
  • The climate and peak sunlight in your area
  • The performance of the photovoltaic panels you wish to install

You can tell this is a lot of work for a homeowner who is not conversant with s panel installation. That is why you need to work with panel installers who have an s panel calculator you can use. An s panel calculator makes your job easier and ensures that you install a panel that suits your needs.

A different set of factors determine how much energy is required to power an average solar-air conditioning system. They include;

  • The type of s panels you’ve settled on
  • The amount of power your solar-air conditioning unit requires
  • Your s panel size per KWH
  • The average energy efficiency ratio of the panels

The direction your s panels are facing determines the overall power output you get. The performances of the solar-air system relies on the size and the efficiency of your s panels.

At Enovatek, we understand your specific solar-air conditioning needs. Our air conditioning systems boast of an impressive efficiency of above SEER 35. We recommend that you use two 300 W panels to get the best out of your solar-air system. If money allows you can use as much as eight 300 W panels.

Solar Air Conditioner Thailand

For your air conditioning system to last long, you need to properly maintain it. Making sure you power your system has enough DC is not the only thing that you should look into. For the solar-air system to serve you in hot and humid Thailand weather, make sure you find out what you need to keep it functional.

Failure to maintain your sunlight-powered AC will result in racked up electricity bills because the system will end up consuming power from the grid, rather than relying on your PV panel’s DC.

The cost of electricity keeps rising and as a result, power tariffs become less and less sustainable for homes and places of business that have an AC. This is where Enovatek sunlight-powered conditioning systems come in. We create systems that run efficiently, whether they’re powered by DC from converted sunlight power or electricity from the grid. Our eco-friendly conditioning systems are compatible with all s panels that supply sufficient DC for uninterrupted operation.

The advantages of using Enovateks’s systems include;

Solar air conditioner Philippines

They’re Low Maintenance

We’ve already established that all conditioning systems need to be maintained. A low-maintenance system saves you a lot of time and money. Once your system is installed, all you have to worry about is if your s panels supply enough DC to power it. Aside from that, ensure you contact your s panel providers for regular assessment and necessary adjustments.

They’re Environmentally-Friendly

All our sun-powered conditioning systems are 100% environmentally friendly. The DC required to run our systems rely on a renewable natural resource. By buying and installing a sun-powered conditioner, you make a contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Tapping into the sun’s natural clean resource ensures you do not rely on fossil fuels.

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