Malaysia is one of the countries known for its extremely hot and humid climate. Even though it is a beautiful place to visit, your indoor spaces would be uncomfortable if you didn’t invest in air conditioning. Thankfully, there are affordable solutions that allow you to have a comfortable indoor environment without racking up your utility bills or polluting the environment.

Malaysia’s climate is extremely hot and humid all year round and this necessitates you to always have a functional AC. It doesn’t matter what part of Malaysia you stay, the heat will overwhelm you if you don’t find a solution.

To maintain an AC all year round without paying an arm and a leg for utility bills, you need to invest in an off-the-grid solution.

 Solar-powered air conditioning units ensure you tap into nature’s renewable resource. Advancements in energy-saving technologies has seen the development of affordable yet reliable solar-powered air conditioners for Malaysian residents.

At Enovatek, we specialize in helping you find energy solutions that suit your needs. Our solar-powered AC unit satisfies the highest quality standards in the Malaysian market. We guarantee that our system will significantly reduce the money you pay for electric bills.

Solar Air Conditioner Malaysia

Homeowners and business owners in Malaysia have to invest in comfortable indoor spaces. The climate here does not allow you to operate without a reliable air conditioner unit. For your system to last you years, you need to make sure that you buy your unit from a reputable brand.

Since electricity costs are one of the highest for households and business establishments, the last thing you want to do is install an appliance that feeds off the grid. Sunlight-powered air conditioners allow you to have comfort for years without paying high electric bills.

Workers setting up solar panels in the Philippines

Enovatek offers environmentally-friendly AC units that should serve you for years. Since Malaysia enjoys a lot of sunlight all-year-round, you won’t have a problem powering your AC. The sunlight-powered unit uses DC from solar panels, which means you don’t have to invest in an inverter or a solar battery.

Note that the solar-powered air conditioners rely on the grid to operate at night when the sun is not shinning.

Here are the components you should expect when you invest in Enovatek’s solar-powered air conditioning unit;

  • Solar Panels
  • ACDC Hybrid A/C Indoor Unit
  • ACDC Hybrid A/C Outdoor Unit
  • Air Switch
  • Remote control
  • Fuse Protection
  • Lightning Arrester
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Air Conditioner Malaysia

A solar-powered aircon unit relies on solar panels installed on the roof. S panels convert sunlight to DC that runs the AC system. A sunlight-powered AC runs on electricity, but in this case, it’s power from solar panels and not the main electricity grid.

This means that the amount of sunlight available determines how much power output you’ll get from your solar panels. Your solar panels need to be installed in such a way that they convert about 15-22% of the sun’s energy to DC for the solar-powered AC system.

The performance of your AC depends on the output from the solar panels. This means that the weather conditions, placement and orientation of the s panels, the surface area of the solar panels, and the amount of sunlight available that day dictates how much DC current your AC gets.

Purchase your solar panels from companies that test their photovoltaic cells under extreme conditions. This way, by the time they get to the market, they won’t be faulty. You need solar panels that will give you value for money and serve you for years. Enovatek has one of the best solar panels in Malaysia because they ensure each unit satisfies the highest quality standards.

Air Conditioner Price

If you want to enjoy the best of your sunlight-powered AC, you need to know the number of s panels you need. Purchase your products from websites that have a solar panel calculator. This way, you will know how to estimate the price of everything you need for a comfortable indoor environment.

The amount you’ll spend on your air conditioner will be determined by;

  • Power needs for your household
  • Your roof’s usable surface area
  • The climate and peak sunlight in your area
  • Performance of the photo-voltaic (PV) panels you wish to install

Best portable Air Conditioner Malaysia

The best air conditioner is one that guarantees your electric bill won’t skyrocket. Hybrid air conditioners not only last for years, they also reduce the amount of power your household consumes from the grid.

Unlike traditional AC, hybrid air conditioning units depend on solar energy, as well as electricity from the grid to operate. The mechanism of this unit is designed to ensure it uses a minimized amount of energy from the main grid. It comes with a converter that converts DC power from the solar panels to AC. The main parts that rely exclusively on electricity from the main grid are the control components and the fans.

The hybrid air conditioner’s hybrid process uses thermal energy from the solar panels, thus reducing the amount of workload the condenser has to deal with. The mechanism also significantly extends how much the compressor cycle is off.

Because the unit also absorbs thermal energy from the copper conductor’s heating coil, the refrigerator cycle can go on even when the compressor is off.

Solar air conditioner Philippines

This system’s energy optimization greatly reduces the amount of energy it consumes form the main power grid.

Portable Air Conditioner Malaysia

Aside from securing comfort in your indoor spaces, you might also need air conditioning outdoor. Malaysia’s climate is so hot and humid that even when you’re outdoors, you need a means to keep cool.

A portable aircon unit allows you to carry comfort wherever you go. They’re excellent for road trips and picnics away from home.

DC Air Conditioner

When you’re shopping for the best sunlight-powered air conditioner in Malaysia, you need a one-stop solution for energy-efficient technology. Enovatek helps homeowners and business owners find custom solutions for their indoor spaces. You need a system that guarantees years of the highest possible level of energy-savings.

We offer financing which means you don’t have to pay upfront for our tier- solar PV system. You get to pay at your own pace and have experts help you install the solar panel on your roof. You can write us today with your needs and we’ll see to it that you get exactly what you need.

Our solar panels provide your sunlight-power solar-air unit with enough DC to run throughout the day. We will ensure that the placement and orientation of your solar panels favors maximum sunlight energy absorption.

The beauty of ACs that run on DC is that you won’t have to invest in solar batteries or an inverter for your unit to function. Our AC units boast an efficiency above SEER 35. When you purchase solar panels with a large surface area, the AC can serve you for years without breaking down. We recommend that you use 2-8 300 W panels to get the most out of your system.

Mini Air Conditioner Malaysia

Aside from installing an AC unit at home or place of business, you should also consider investing in a portable mini air conditioner. Here are the benefits of purchasing one;

Reduces Electricity Bills

Because you won’t be using your portable air conditioner indoors, you won’t have to worry about an increase in your electricity bill. Mini air conditioners are ideal for outdoor use because you can easily bring them with you wherever you go.

Are you planning a road trip to the countryside? Or maybe you want to go on a picnic at the park. A mini air conditioner ensures you have a good time when you’re outdoors.

Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Unlike traditional air conditioners, mini air conditioners do not emit greenhouse gasses. When you use this device, you significantly reduce your pollution footprint. It is every household’s responsibility to ensure they are not adding pollutants to the atmosphere.

An environmentally friendly solution ensures that you care for your environment even when you’re seeking comfort from the hot and humid climate.

Easy to Maintain

All you have to do is handle mini air conditioners with care and they’ll last you for years. In case you notice that it is faulty, you should seek professional assistance fixing it so that the damage doesn’t get worse.

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