Since Indonesia’s climate is almost yearly humid tropical, residents need to invest in air conditioning for a comfortable indoor environment. Anyone who has lived here knows how uncomfortable it can get without a reliable air conditioner. You need to find a reliable yet affordable solution so that your AC doesn’t rack up your utility bills.

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, you won’t survive the heat and humidity without an AC system. Thankfully, the existence of solar-powered ACs provides you with the solution you need.

Besides, since the weather in Indonesia is so hot, you’ll have access to sufficient solar energy to power up your AC all year round. You won’t have to jump from one tariff plan to the next in search of an affordable option.

As an Indonesian resident, you need to find a reliable dealer of solar-powered air conditioners to keep your indoor spaces comfortable. Enovatek is an energy solutions company that’s dedicated to providing its clients with customized solar-powered air conditioning systems.

We first conduct an extensive assessment of how much power your household consumes. This information helps us design an AC unit that suits your needs. When you allow us to help you install a solar air conditioner, you can cut on power consumption. Our solar-powered AC system is one of the leading brands in Indonesia’s market.

Solar-powered Air Conditioner Indonesia

Choosing solar ACs not only saves you from soaring electricity bills, but it also saves the environment from choking with pollutants. We certainly cannot ignore the adverse effects that traditional air conditioners have on the environment.

Solar-powered ACs are the perfect solution because they help you contribute to environmental conservation. Since you’re tapping into a natural renewable resource, you are guaranteed comfort without compromising on conserving the environment.

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Without a solar battery, your solar-powered AC unit will run on DC power from solar panels during the day and switch to the grid at night. The same will also apply when there isn’t enough DC power from your solar panels to sustain your AC unit.

Enovatek’s solar air conditioning systems usually operate without batteries, inverters and controllers. Here are components to expect with our ACs;

  • ACDC Hybrid Solar A/C Indoor Unit
  • ACDC Hybrid Solar A/C Outdoor Unit
  • Remote control
  • Solar Panels
  • Air Switch
  • Fuse Protection
  • Lightning Arrester

Every resident in Indonesia needs a one-stop solution for the energy-efficient technologies. Enovatek is the best energy solution partner because we deliver custom solutions to suit their specific needs.

Many factors determine the number of solar panels you need for your solar-powered air conditioner. The factors range from the average efficiency ratio of the panels, the solar panel size per KWH, the amount of power needed by the AC unit, and the type of solar panel you purchase. Our team will guide you through everything you’re purchasing and why you need them.

Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

The cost of electricity in Indonesia continues to rise and this means that finding an affordable tariff plan will be hard. The only way to sustainably keep your indoor environment comfortable is to install a solar-powered air conditioner. This eco-friendly technology has quite a number of advantages;

1. Low maintenance

All Enovatek systems are low maintenance because they have been tested in extreme weather conditions. This means that you won’t even need an inverter to keep your AC running. The systems seamlessly shift from the solar panel’s DC to the grid when the sun sets.

2. Environmentally-friendly

Unlike traditional air conditioning units, sunlight-powered air conditioners do not add any pollutants to the environment. When you purchase and install Enovatek’s solar-powered air conditioner, you help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Every household has the responsibility of ensuring their pollution footprint is as low as possible.

3. Portable Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Due to Indonesia’s hot and humid weather, you might need air conditioning even outdoors. Enovatek’s air-conditioning unit is portable and you can carry it to picnics, road trips and other outdoor activities. Since the unit uses DC, you won’t to invest in an inverter or a battery to keep it running. As long as the sun is out, you can use the air conditioner outdoors.

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Solar AC

Aside from solar-powered air conditioners, you can also use a solar hybrid air conditioner in indoor spaces. This system uses both solar thermal energy, as well as mains electrical power to operate. With this unit, you will always need power from the grid to operate the control components and the fans.

With such a unit, you’ll need batteries as well as an inverter to convert DC current to AC current. The unit’s refrigerator process depends on solar thermal energy, and this reduces the amount of electric power required to keep the compressor running.

The technology behind solar hybrid air conditioners helps reduce the condenser’s workload. It also extends the time when the compressor cycle is off. All these are geared towards reducing the amount of electric power the AC consumes from the grid. 

Additionally, the unit absorbs energy from the inner coils of the copper heat conductor to keep the refrigeration cycle going even when the compressor is off.

Solar hybrid air conditioners have an energy optimization mechanism that keeps your utility bills from soaring. It’s an Enovatek next generation air conditioner technology in Indonesia.

Besides, you don’t have to pay upfront to access our tier-1 solar PV system and sunlight-powered AC unit. Our financing solutions help you pay at your own pace. Whether you’re buying an AC unit for your commercial or residential property, our expert team has got your back.

Solar Air Conditioner Indonesia

For your air conditioner to last long, you need to make sure you properly maintain it. Failure to do so is likely to rack up your utility bills in the long run. You need to stay in contact with your solar panel provider as well. This way, you can reach out when you notice any issues with its operation.

The beauty of working with a professional energy solution company like Enovatek is that you don’t have to know how a solar-powered air conditioner works to purchase one. The team of experts will come to your home or establishment and after conducting an appraisal, they’ll know what kind of unit you need.

We recommend that you invest in a hybrid AC as they’re the next generation of sunlight-powered solar-air units. The mechanism in these units I designed to reduce the amount of electricity from the grid it consumes.

Aside from hybrid ACs, you can also invest in a 100% off the grid AC that completely depends on DC from the s panels. Such systems do not require you to purchase a solar battery, or an inverter.

Our sunlight-powered AC has a reliable efficiency of SEER 35. This means that when you install it, it will get most of its power from the sun’s energy.

Solar air conditioner Philippines

We recommend that you use between two to eight 300 W panels with this unit to get the best service from the AC.

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