Financing Programs

Enovatek Energy’s “pay as you save” financing model was established to enable our customers to invest into energy efficient products without having to adjust financial budgets or raise necessary funds. We remove all element of risk with the projects we undertake by working with only the market leading and most advanced technologies where significant cost savings can be achieved allowing for us to provide the necessary investment; knowing that the customer does not need to provide funding out of its cash flow.

In order to be considered for financing, Enovatek Energy works with the customer on comprehensive energy audits, to ensure that the energy solution(s) will provide the necessary savings to allow for funding.

In the event that the savings yields a low return on investment (ROI) or long payback period, Enovatek Energy will adjust payment plans where the customer still gets the benefit of financing, however, a portion of the payment will be generated from the customer themselves.

In addition to Enovatek Energy providing financing, we also work with numerous local and foreign foundations, banks and government offices to bring in funding, subsidies and tax incentives that further reduces the overall costs of implementing energy efficient products.

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