Singapore is one of the leading countries in Asia in the utilisation of solar energy. One of the greatest concerns has always been lack of space to soak up the available solar energy, but innovative photovoltaic modules installation are changing this.

The government is at the forefront in identifying creative ways for solar panels Singapore installation on high-rise buildings, reservoirs and offshore sea spaces. A recent study now says that with the right policies, the country’s solar capacity could grow to 5 gigawatt-peak (GWp) by 2050.  

The city-state recently achieved its 2020 solar target of 350 MWp of photovoltaic capacity. This has moved it closer to reaching its 2030 target of 2 GWp of solar energy. If you are a household owner in the country, this is good news.

Solar energy provides cheaper, more reliable energy to power your home. New technology now allows the utilisation of solar energy beyond lighting. Solar air conditioning is now possible, and this can save you a lot of money in home maintenance.

To leverage the benefits of solar energy, you need to choose the best solar installation service. This post looks at some factors to help you choose the best solar air conditioner installer for your home.

 Expertise in Solar Panels Singapore Installation

You’ll find many companies offering solar installation services in the country but it’s advisable to go for experience and expertise. You should work with a solar installer who brings years of experience to the job. They should also have the expertise and technical skills to handle the project.

Licensing and training are the first things to look for when hiring a solar installation technician.  Your installation company should only hire technicians in the class of Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW), and they should have prerequisite training to handle the size of your project.

When comparing different solar power air conditioner installers, go for experienced PV veterans who can point out successful projects in the city. Such professionals can design and implement the best solar energy solutions for your home.

More importantly, they understand all by-laws and regulatory standards that your solar air conditioner should meet. Compliance with such regulatory standards guarantees you enjoy any tax incentives set by the government.

When looking for your solar installer, check for company mentions in reviews and industry websites such as National Solar Repository of Singapore (NSR). Such mentions assure you that the installer you want to work with offers reliable solutions.

Compare Cost of Installing Solar Panels in Singapore

One of the biggest advantages of solar power installation is the long-term cost-benefit. It is one of the major reasons households in Singapore today go for solar aircon. The climate here requires all-year air conditioning leading to high energy use. With the sun’s energy readily available, it makes a lot of economic sense to go for solar-powered aircon.

But how much will the solar installation project cost? This is a question you have to ask your solar installer. It will help you determine the best company to work with. The straightforward answer is that the installation depends on the number of solar panels you need to power all systems in your house, including the solar air conditioner.

A reliable solar installation company will start with an energy audit to evaluate how much power you need. Every home is unique in size, layout and energy needs. That’s the reason an energy audit comes handy to determine the size of the systems.

Your installation company will then determine the size of the system and design it for your approval. Remember there are other components of the system including the inverters, solar batteries, racking and mounting systems and performance monitoring systems.

At this stage, the company can assess the amount of work needed to complete the project. They will also advise on any licensing and fees required from the government.

Some installers offer financing through Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). It is an easy way to get a quality solar system you need for your home.

Types of Aircon Singapore Systems Offered

If you are on the market for an efficient solar Aircon system, make sure you find an installation company that offers the best solutions. For households in the country, air conditioning is the single most significant expense in home maintenance.

You have to cool your home throughout the year and a conventional air conditioner needs a lot of power to run the compressor unit. Relying on the grid system means you have to pay thousands of dollars to keep your home comfortable. Your solar installer should offer the best aircon Singapore solutions.

Solar air conditioners rely on the sun’s energy to keep your house cool. The solar photovoltaic panels harness the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity to power your air conditioner. There’s a battery array in the system where excess energy is stored. There are hybrid Aircon systems which switch between solar power and the grid.

When choosing a good solar installation service, you should look for one with expertise in solar Aircon systems. The company should offer references and different solutions for you to choose. Don’t work with a solar installer who hasn’t worked on a solar Aircon to avoid shoddy installation.

It’s advisable to look for an installation company that can plan, design and implement a solar air conditioning unit in your home. The best companies also have partnerships with solar panel distributors, and you can access high-quality products and save a lot of money while at it. They will also offer an extensive warranty on the unit they install.

Terms of the Solar Air Conditioner Installation

Many household owners rush to pick the first solar air conditioner Singapore installer they see on television and this can be risky. When shopping for a solar power company, there are multiple factors to consider.  

Start by evaluating your energy needs to ensure the company you contract has the resources and expertise to fulfil the agreement. When signing any agreement for a solar system, you should look keenly at the terms. Issues such as costs, services offered, warranty, timeline, servicing and maintenance are easy to overlook.

Go through every item in the contract agreement with the installer and agree on the scope of the project. For instance, you should look for solar installers who offer a free quote, energy audit and power and service warranty.

The best contractors will also include consultation, designing and planning, procurement/supply of the system in their agreement. It means once you agree on your home’s energy needs, you can sit back and let the installer handle everything else. It’s also good to agree on the communication/feedback channels to stay up-to-date with the progress.

A good air conditioner Singapore company will listen to your ideas and bring them to life in their design. They will consult with you at every point of the project and ensure the system works efficiently. The service plan and warranty guarantee peace of mind once the system is up and running.

Wrapping Up

Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy. In Singapore, you’ll need the AC system to run almost every day of the year and this rakes up your power bill. Installing a solar energy system can save you a lot of money in cooling. With these tips, you can now find the best solar installation company to partner with for your project.

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