While Covid-19 is a health crisis, it has not spared the energy sector. It has forced the industry to set records for the lowest oil prices, sinking to $11.26 per barrel. A sector that has witnessed continued growth over the years was on its knees. However, while everyone was locked down and in hibernation, the renewable energy sector witnessed a rejuvenation not seen in decades. 

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The renewable energy sector should not be seen to celebrate the misfortunes of oil companies as a result of low prices. The need for clean energy has only been highlighted by the few months the world has been on hold. Cities that lived under a cloud of smoke realized that a clear sky was possible. These clear skies meant that more sunlight got to solar panels, boosting production without damage to the environment. Populations in cities realized that a solar-powered air conditioner is sufficient instead of incurring heavy energy bills. Such occurrences have shifted loyalty from fossil fuels to renewable energy, heralding better fortunes for the clean energy sector. 

Why a Growing Demand for Solar Energy Singapore 

Covid-19 can only be regarded as a blessing in disguise. In fact, skeptics term it as a temporary rise or glory for the renewable energy sector since most industries were closed and commercial centers limited the number of people using them for work. As a result, energy consumption reduced to a point that solar panels and wind power could provide sufficient power. However, there is more to the growing favor for renewable energy than the reduction in demand. 

  • Favorable government policies– governments have encouraged investment and innovation in the renewable energy sector. Market regulators give priority to renewable energy sources as opposed to pollutant fossil fuel. The pandemic found these processes in progress and only helped to highlight them. It explains why the share of renewable energy was projected to increase by 3% in 2020 even without the pandemic. 
  • Renewable energy innovations– there is a growing momentum to make renewable energy more reliable and affordable. Innovations have focused on how to tap solar energy for future use without paying a fortune for the systems or gadgets required. As a result of the innovations, the cost of solar power has reduced by 82% in just a decade. 
  • More investment in renewable energy– governments and individuals are putting more money in renewable energy projects than ever before. Today, 72% of new projects are in the renewable energy sector. It is an indication of visible potential in renewable energy by governments and investors. 

The world will come out of lockdowns and restrictions in a few months. However, the world and people’s perceptions have been changed forever. A few records have been set and the fossil fuel industry will never return to normal. 

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New Records that Will Raise Demand for Solar Panel Singapore Installation

Renewable energy only got attention when there was an outage. However, the effects of the Covid -19 pandemic on renewable energy have raised the demand for solar panels Singapore by setting particular unique records. Here are some of the records that will tilt the balance towards renewable energy. 

  • Work from home using solar power– an office with a hundred employees needed bulk supply from the grid. When an individual is working from home, a solar panel will be enough to power one laptop and a solar air conditioner to keep the room cool. The peak that could only be supplied by the apparently reliable grid electricity is reduced. 
  • New clean energy generation records– renewable energy consumption has set new record highs for the first time in years. India, Spain, Italy, UK, and the USA have seen record-high clean energy consumption during the Corona Pandemic. 
  • Creating space for transition– once the world realizes that it can run on clean energy, there is no turning back. More people, institutions, and governments have ascertained the power of clean energy. No one will turn away from a clean environment and cheaper energy. 

The increased production of clean energy during the Corona pandemic is worth noting. It has created a mindset that will be impossible to reverse. 

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore on People’s Push for Clean Energy

Instant decommissioning pollutant fossil fuel is not a viable option for governments. Investors are also not willing to shut down factories that are a source of revenue. It is the public that will push these factories out of business by demanding clean and cheap energy as well as a clean environment. 

The best example of a polluted environment was China and Delhi in India. The sky was clear, allowing residents to see horizons for the first time in decades. Rivers were cleaner and fish started swimming on traditionally polluted rivers. Once the masses have experienced this cleansing, they will not be ready to return to pollution. 

Reduced consumption of fossil fuel due to restrictions and the adoption of technologies that reduce movement are other factors that will help to clean the environment. The number of vehicles on the road will reduce, translating to lower oil consumption. Because the masses are now more conscious about their environment, they will turn to electric cars or a solar-powered air conditioner, among other clean energy innovations. 

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Boosting the Potential of a Solar Air Conditioner

Wind and solar energy have always been regarded as unreliable. However, the potential of using clean energy for solar air conditioning or powering ordinary usage in the house or office has always been hampered by fossil fuel and inadequate technology. A clear example is where Delhi solar power production increased by 8% after just weeks of shutdown. 

Advocacy groups are increasing pressure on the government to recognize the positive environmental impact of Covid-19 restrictions and scale interventions towards clean energy. For instance, the $123billion bailout to airlines should come with a demand for reduced emissions. Such a move will allow solar aircon to receive sufficient sunlight, and therefore, produce sufficient energy to power their operations. Such demands will prevent the world from going back to a polluted environment and push companies to embrace clean energy. 

What is in it for You When You Use Solar Power Singapore?

Far-fetched benefits like cleaner cities continents away and rivers you have only read in maps can be difficult to relate. However, is it possible to point at the benefits of clean energy at an individual level? Here are important points to consider.

  • Clean energy translates to good health– fossil fuel is responsible for dangerous emissions. They lead to respiratory tract infections- some of which were responsible for high Covid-19 deaths. With zero emissions from solar, you will be healthier now and in the future. 
  • Cheaper– no one will knock on your door or threaten you on mail with a crazy power bill yet your solar air conditioner Singapore will be running all day and night. 
  • You play your part in allowing the world to breathe– the guilt of taking part in environmental pollution disappears. You take pride in bequeathing future generations a cleaner and more conscious environment. 

What Next? 

The Covid-19 pandemic is largely blamed on human acts by an individual that has grounded billions of people around the world. The next global disaster will be environmental resulting from pollutant energy sources. Embracing the clean and innovative solar panel Singapore energy is your noble duty towards protecting the world from the next global disaster.

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