When you live in a location that gets hot, it’s important to have a good ac. But if you want to keep energy costs down, there are other options you can consider. 

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One of these options is solar air conditioning. This AC unit works just as efficiently and can protect you from sweltering in your home because of hot temperatures. Read on to know about some of the best solar-powered air conditioning units.

Types of Solar-Powered AC Units in Singapore

There are various kinds of solar-powered AC units to choose from in Singapore. Some popular models include:

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Alternating Current Solar Air Conditioners

Alternating current solar ACs are designed to work with solar panels that are connected in parallel. These ACs have inverters, which convert DC power from the panel into alternating current for use by your home appliances. The inverter also regulates the power that is sent to and from the solar panels and batteries.

DC Solar Air Conditioners

Direct current air conditioners require batteries or another energy storage medium because they do not have a built-in inverter. Their installation is more complex than their alternating counterparts since you need a wiring system and shunts to connect them directly to the solar panels. Direct current ac systems can also be paired up with wind turbines if you’re looking for alternative sources of renewable energy.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

This solar air conditioner is the finest of both worlds. They combine a traditional window-mounted AC unit with an integrated photovoltaic (PV) system that offsets your energy usage and costs, all without sacrificing quality or performance. The PV panels work by converting sunlight into electricity that is efficient for cooling your home and charging your batteries for operating at night when there’s no sun available. Before purchasing this unit, ensure it can fit into your home since most of them are quite large.

If you live in an area with lots of sunshine all day, hybrid solar ACs are perfect for your energy requirements. They’ll provide you with cooling power during hot summer days and backup energy during the night.

Pros and Cons: Find the Best Solar-Powered AC Unit for Your House

Solar power air conditioning units have both pros and cons. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a product helps you choose an excellent one for your home. Here are some features to look out for:

Pros of Alternating Current Solar Air Conditioners

  • They work seamlessly with already existing ACs
  • They offer excellent energy savings
  • They come in both split as well as window type varieties
  • They require minimal maintenance

Cons of Alternating Current Solar Air Conditioners

  • They have a limited cooling capacity
  • They take up more space than other solar air conditioning systems
  • They operate with inverters

Pros of Direct Current Solar Air Conditioners

  • Can be paired up with renewable sources of energy such as wind turbines.
  • High efficiency. The conversion of sunlight into electricity allows the AC to reach high levels of cooling performance.
  • Low noise level and vibration, making them highly compatible for use in urban or industrial areas where noise is an issue.

 Cons of Direct Current Solar Air Conditioners

  • They require batteries for energy storage when there’s no sunshine.
  • They must be directly connected to the solar panels. This limits the flexibility of installation options.

Pros of Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

  • They can heat homes in the winter and cool them in the summer with no impact on the environment or bills for consumers.
  • Less maintenance is required
  • They provide both cooling power during hot summer days as well as backup energy during the night.

Cons of Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

  • They can be costly
  • They  take a long time to heat or cool

Best Solar Power AC Units

The best solar-powered AC units are not available from a single brand. The following list ranks the top four solar power AC units that you’ll find in the market today.


Lennox is one of the most efficient units on the market. It can provide cooling for homes up to 4,000 square feet inside and out, making it very useful for single-story homes. It also comes equipped with the iComfort S30 Wi-Fi Control for your convenience.

SolAir World

This AC unit comes with an all-inclusive package, including a solar panel, inverter, compressor, cooling unit, and remote control. It also has three fan speeds and cooling levels to keep you at your desired temperature. It works in standard 110V outlets but can also be powered by 200 watts of portable solar panels.

Apart from harnessing solar power, SolAir World also utilizes indoor ventilation. The system features both wall and ceiling units that are powered by rooftop solar panels during daytime hours, making it a great “plug-and-play” solar AC unit on the market. It also has a standard wall mount and ceiling hanging system for easy installation in a house or apartment. You can also control it via an app on your smartphone or laptop computer if you don’t have a remote control nearby.

Gree Solar-powered Air Conditioners

This air conditioner has a simple design that makes it fit perfectly in any room. It can cool down as much as 700 square feet, and it can heat as much as 350 square feet, making it suitable for smaller homes, apartments, and other small spaces.

It has many good reviews online, mainly regarding its effective use in small spaces and cooling in hot weather. However, it may not work for much larger rooms because of its low power output.

Hotspot Energy

Hotspot solar-powered AC units are great because they have a small footprint. They are highly efficient and come with great warranties that last for some years. They also feature hybrids that use both electricity and solar power, making them great for use in homes not close to the grid. They’re also ideal for offices that use a large amount of energy every day due to the powerful compressor they feature.

Is Solar Air Conditioning Worth It?

Solar-powered air conditioning is a new and exciting option for those looking to save money on their monthly electricity bills. They offer a unique and energy-efficient way to cool off during hot months. For homeowners with the latest roofing materials, they are an affordable option that can help lower cooling costs. The benefits that these air conditioners provide makes it a worthy option. 

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