Measurement & Verification Kit

Effectively Understand Your Plants Performance

The M&V Kit is the first instrument of its type combining multiple instruments and devices into a single package greatly simplifying chiller plant performance
• Laboratory grade accuracy
• Automated reporting
• Built in web server and dashboards
• Native BAS protocols means no gateways required, integrate easily to additional    devices such as pumps, variable speed drives, chillers and meters
• Long term on device data storage (up to 5 years)
• Chiller and plant condition monitoring
• Integrates directly to power meters over serial communication protocols
• Onboard battery backup ensures data integrity at all times

Based on Industry best practices such as the Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), our M&V solutions provide superior results at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. Enovatek Energy’s M&V Kit goes beyond simply quantifying your sustainability efforts and offer full integration to existing energy management systems and cloud-based data services. Our M&V Kits are designed to meet the highest standards, including those outlined by the Building Construction Authority (BCA). Interactive dashboards provide real-time, historic and comparative energy and chiller plant performance analysis without the need for any additional hardware or software.

The M&V Kit does more than just monitor and report on chiller and central chiller water plant performance, it is the first instrument of its kind that embeds chiller performance maps directly in the device to compare actual chiller performance against as manufactured performance. The M&V Kit can be directly integrated with web based or hard-wired weather stations to provide weather correlated load and performance.