Go Blue with Enovatek’s Efficiency Programs

Improving energy efficiency is the fastest, simplest and most cost effective approach to energy savings. By looking at energy use strategically, the Enovatek Energy Solution Team provides your organization with an effective and profitable strategy to optimize and modernize your overall facilities performance. Our strategy is based on integrated, whole-building approach that maximizes profitability and yields smart and healthy buildings by introducing proven improvements that lower energy costs while improving your indoor environment and reducing your impact on the outdoor environment.

With Enovatek Energy, our solutions and improvements include reduced loads and focus on “right-sizing” mechanical systems to more efficiently deliver the proper loads with regard to heating systems, ventilating systems, air-conditioning systems, lighting systems, electrical systems, control systems, motors and pumps and eliminating leaks and waste.


Lighting Solutions

Energy savings are accomplished from using proven, reliable lighting technologies to achieve optimal light levels, control over the hours of operation, and maintain or improve lighting quality. Our High Energy Efficient Lighting can achieve up to 90% reduction in lighting related energy use as well as lower maintenance costs. Enovatek lighting products are also environmentally friendly as they contain no mercury and can easily be recycled.
With our own manufacturing plant, Enovatek Energy LED lighting has all the necessary certificates to prove the quality, along with extended warranties compared to its competitors. With a long list of retrofits and new building installations around the world, Enovatek Energy’s long list of satisfied clients warrants the key goals it strives to achieve; reduction of energy usage and costs.

Enovatek Energy offers a large range of products to choose from:
• Tube Lights
• Downlights
• MR 16
• PAR lights
• Flood Lights
• High Bay lights

Using the highest quality LED chips and most up to date Drivers, all of Enovatek Energy’s products serve as the most efficient lighting technology in the market.

HVAC Solutions / Chiller Optimization

Heating and cooling for most buildings are accomplished by chillers, boilers, or individually packaged split type systems. The average building ventilation system is 38% larger than necessary. Considering the ventilation systems alone can account for up to 80% of the energy use in a building, there is a huge potential for savings. Savings are not only achieved by reducing the load by replacing existing machinery with higher energy efficient equipment, our break-through engineering also covers efficiency modifications to the boilers and from sealing air-infiltration and improving insulation which can negate any heat losses. Optimizing the system and using Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) to match the load requirements will substantially increase savings and reduce operating costs. With our holistic approach, we can substantially reduce the cost of implementation by avoiding a ton-for-ton replacement of mechanical systems.

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Measurement & Verification Kit

To verify and measure how green your building is!

Enovatek Energy’s Measurement & Verificiation Kit quantifies energy saving performance and energy conservation. This is based on Industries best practice defined by International Perfromance Measurement and Verification (IPMVP) protocol. The Enovatek Energy M&V Kit goes beyond simply quantifying your sustainability efforts and offers a full integration into existing energy management systems and cloud based data services.

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Go Blue with Enovatek’s Energy Audit

Facility Assessment & Energy Audit of existing buildings is a systematic process applied to identify inefficient energy uses, conduct gap analysis and implement operational and equipment efficiency improvements. Enovatek’s Audit Team will review the building’s utilities bills and records, analyze the building’s energy profiles relative to the operational schedule and provide fast inspection and a condition assessment of the major equipment and systems which consume energy in the building. The data and information from the audit enables Enovatek to analyze and identify the energy use of the building by benchmarking it with the industrial best practices and local building code standards to determine opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

The result from audit will provide the customer with an overview of the current energy consumption profiles and trends, key findings related to inefficiency of energy use in the building, as well as opportunities for improvement and recommendations. The recommended energy conservation measures will consist of the scope of work, project cost estimation, and estimated savings after project implementation.